Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Catching Up...

Here are some of the things I've been working on the last couple months...since I went back to work full-time it isn't much. But I try and do some kind of art every day (even if it ends up in the trash...)

Drew this as a gift for Christmas - the original can be found here.

This was also a Christmas gift - just redrew, resized the fairy bookmarks into one piece.

 Just for fun...

Christmas Cards this year...by me and my littles.

Made this for my classroom to learn about the number 9 - maybe I'll have to turn the story into a book!

There are a few unfinished projects that are waiting to become finished...but we'll see when that happens.

Amateur Photography Fun

A few months ago I downloaded a free photo editing app that is a lot of fun, and so on one of our date nights my husband and I went to an arboretum and took pictures of anything that looked interesting. Here are some of my favorites!

I'm not sure what to do with these now...so I'll just leave them here for now and decided later.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Drawing...

Not as much time for art as I had originally thought...but isn't that the way it always goes!?

Here's another bookmark for my reading buddy - it's our favorite one yet!

 Here's some of the cards for my nieces and nephews. I asked to know their favorite animal and then I try and find some version of that animal I feel like I could draw and then add in birthday things! I think the kids have been liking to get them in the mail :)

Also, my 5 year-old niece is quite the artist and we were using her cool sparkly pens on our beach trip this past weekend, and as we sat across from each other I noticed she was watching what I drew (upside-down!) and then would draw it on her own paper. Then she wanted to hang our artwork on the fridge, because of course! (we also made paper airplanes ala my designs because I couldn't remember the last step correctly - the kids were still impressed with my skills, haha).

And finally, I painted these story stones for a game for my kinders to play. My own kids played them on our beach trip as well. You pick out 5 rocks and then tell a story with whatever you get. My kids loved playing - I hope my students will too!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Artsy Summer

Well, I've been hoping to do more art since I'm on summer break...but there are a lot of things on my to-do list...so not as much as I'd hoped. But since I was feeling frustrated by my lack of time to dedicate to art I decided to jump back in with a blind drawing. I like taking an eyes-shut scribble and turning it into something pretty...

Here's the process and the finished product...

I also LOVE to read books - and a friend of mine (and book buddy) asked me to draw some bookmarks for her this summer. Here's the first few...there are two more waiting to be finished in my pile of half-colored art.

We're going to the beach next week with 10 kids under 10! Woo!

And last, I redrew this Bible verse so I could share it with the ladies at Bible study.

I've also been working on the hand-drawn birthday cards for the nieces and nephews, but some are still in the mail outstanding, so I won't post those until later. But it's been fun working on sending those out so those little guys know we're thinking about them on their special day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Feeling Creative...

Lately, I've just been drawing and painting...no real direction, but just for fun. It's really therapeutic for my soul...but it's killing my sleep (since the only time I can find to do art is after the boys are in bed...)! 

 Been feeling the drawing on the dictionary pages! 
Saw a similar idea on pinterest, but wanted to try it with my own style - I like it!

Made this card - thought it turned out really cool! 

My husband wanted an artsy cell phone cover like mine, but with zentangles. He likes wolves and lighthouses - he picked the wolf! (But only after making me redo it because the head pattern looked like little eyeballs...)

Simple, but fun!

Like the idea and the quote, but this turned out meh...

My students made these scrap paper birds, so I made these canvas pieces as a gift for our classroom art docent. They turned out so cute I think I'll make some for our house too :)  

Friday, May 27, 2016

Artsy Photos

So, my friend showed me this fancy app that can edit photos on your phone (Snapseed - super easy!) and it looks great! It was so fun I got a little carried away taking photos of...nothing. And now I'm not sure what to do with all these cool photos I have, so they're considered art now and going on record here.


And of course I have to try it out with my two best subjects!

And finally, here are two of my friend's pictures that she took that are my absolute favorite! She has the greatest eye - what a photographer @bookishbitz!

Camera phones are getting so good these days...isn't it amazing!?